Chinese Excellent Hand Dry Manufacturer-YUNBOSHI Technology

Wet hands spread germs more easily than dry hands do. As a result, it's important to thoroughly dry your hands after washing. When you need a hand dryer that improves the hand hygiene aspects or do you need a quiet hand dryer that doesn’t create loud noise in a sensitive area, you may choose YUNBOSHI Smart Hand Dryers. Our Hand Dryers provide a hygienic alternative to paper towels as there is little risk of cross-infection from used towels.


YUNBOSHI hand dryer is an electric machine which makes use of heating element and an air blower to dry the hands after hand washing. It is commonly used in public toilets as a cost-effective alternative to paper towels. It may either operate with the push of a button or automatically using a sensor. YUNBOSHI hand dryer is energy efficient, easy to maintain and cost effective. With its electronic drying functions works,  there is also no need to keep spending money on using paper towels which can be more expensive in the long run.

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